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Outdoor Furniture Suppliers Roundup – Part 1

Alright I am off and running…this mess is getting cleaned out.  The pile of outdoor garden furniture suppliers is about to tip, so I am going to enter them and then dump them.   Here goes.  (all the text refers to the images above it)

havana dining set gloster outdoor furnitureGloster is know for its teak furniture but it has recently added modern alternatives that use stainless steel , aluminum and man made wicker.

Rockwood specializes in teak and woven furniture.  Their collection has a some traditional shapes and lines as well as some innovative shapes like the zen collection above (top) .

Gar Products focus primarily on the Contract market and hospitality furniture and supply a variety of woven, metal, teak, acrylic, copper, and bamboo furniture products.

Calligaris is what you might expect of Italian design.  Forward thinking, sleek and cool.  They have lots of non-outdoor products, but many of their metal and plastic chairs are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.


Orange Italia isn’t breaking new flashy design, but if its basic commercial recreational furniture you are after…they will suit.  Lots of stuff you might see around a huge mid level hotel pool.

RD Italia is much like Orange Italia, but the designs are perhaps a little more quirky and interesting.


Walters Wicker is just as it sounds — lots of interesting wicker designs for residential and hospitality.


Barlow Tyrie – teak stainless steel, aluminum and woven furniture. It is a classic British company and they are the oldest manufacturer of teak outdoor furniture.

La Fete is the maker of very stylized modern black and white ( and recently some colors) furniture.

Well that constitutes a large bag full of catalogs…ahhh….feeling better already.

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  1. Susan aka Miss R says:

    I have an almost completely different group than you do…HOW MANY ARE OUT THERE???

  2. rochelle says:

    susan — I just posted round two…and at least one or two more rounds are coming after that…I think that perhaps there really are too many….

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