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Color Inspiration: Red, Burgundy, Fuschia, Yellow, & Orange-Gold

gerbera daisies

I have to get my creative juices flowing…I am in Washington DC preparing for my sisters wedding.  I am headed out to pick up some flowers to take to the cake guy and then back here to arrange all these lovelies into boutineers, corsages, bouquets, and centerpieces.  Yes, I have  quite a busy day ahead of me.  Aren’t those gerbera daisies beautiful?   So this is what I really want to tell you about….my sister got them from costco and had such a great experience…she ordered them weeks ago and specified her date of delivery (today) — then a couple days ago thought better of it and called them back to see if they could be delivered a day earlier (this with less than 24 hours notice) — and they arrived less than 24 hours later.  And you want to know how much they cost?  80 beautiful blood red gerbera daisies for 89$ and customer service to boot.  Talk about BARGAIN!.

chinese lantern flowers

dresses for wedding

I think I am having a relatively good picutre taking day….I go hot and cold on this.  I try to be good all the time, but it just doesn’t always work out the way I hope.

I kind of love the way the colors are all coming together for this event.  It is somewhat surprising given the circumstances of the organizing.  The stripes on the bottom is my dress…and that orange in the middle is some silk I found at a decorator fabric store.  The other dresses, flower girls wedding dress and others were all done independently and really nothing was actually set side by side until yesterday — remarkably it all looks amazing.  The colors are dark red, and burgundy, fuschia, orange/gold, yellow and black.   I think I am going to have to re-use this combo again somewhere because I simple adore the way it all looks together.

So as I said before…things are a little crazy — but I am looking forward to getting back to relative normalcy and posting next week.  In the mean time, if I happen to continue to get lucky with the camera, I will make sure to share…

wheatgrass centerpieces

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