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Before & After: Heather’s Landscape Restoration

This one didn’t quite get finished in time for before and after Thursdays…so i am sneaking it in here a day late.

before and after natural garden

Heather, over at Restoring the Landscape is not one of those all talk, no action people.  Her website covers a wide range of topics around restoring landscapes with native plants, creating wildlife habitats, birds, insects, biodiversity, and invasive species.

before during and after natural garden

But Heather herself has restored the landscape around her own home in Minnesota …and when I say restored, I am not talking about fixing up the garden, I’m talking about taking the garden right back to nature.

before during and after garden

What was a rather boring and even a little bleak (if you ask me) suburban home, has been transformed into a native wildlife and plant haven with the beauty of untouched natural woods.

before during and after garden design

Is it a garden?  Sure, I think so, absolutely.  It is certainly an interesting twist on garden development and takes the idea of garden making to an extreme of nature re-creation.  I am curious what you think though, would you be interested in restoring the landscape around your home back to what was there before the home was built?

A visit to Restoring the Landscape has lots of additional pictures of this project.

Thanks Louise for sending this!

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  1. louise says:

    Sure!- Heres another:
    did you catch this in Inhabitat?

    Cure for the city winter blues- fun idea- picinics and live music would add to the season-bending fun.


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