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Before & After: Kelly Rae’s Tired to Vibrant Transformation

If you’ve ever thought about painting the exterior of your house, this post will certainly get you moving. And if adding a deck has crossed your mind, then this backyard transformation may be just the motivation you need to get yourself to the hardware store.

before and after, exterior, paint, transormation, house, backyard, DIY, enhance

Kelly Rae and her husband John spent about 2 years revamping their desolate backyard, turning it into a vibrant space where they could enjoy entertaining as well as raising their son. It’s projects like these that keep me going…now I don’t feel so bad about my own front porch being in the state that it’s been in for 2 (or is it 3?) summers. Cheers to keeping it real…all of those weekend warrior blogs move along much too quickly for me to feel any amount of okay with myself, haha. This pace is much more to my liking. Slow and steady wins the race, and these guys definitely took the gold.

before and after, exterior, paint, transormation, house, backyard, DIY, enhance, blue, deck

I really love how punchy that blue is and the deck is really sweet as well. If you look closely you can see that the deck boards are laid in a diagonal pattern. I thought that was a nice touch compared to most of the decks I see. They also added stairs and a back door and an awning-like structure with a tin roof.

I couldn’t show just one angle of their awesome makeover, so here’s how the side yard turned out:

side yard, before and after, blue house, transformation, improvement

And after many hours and a bit of patience…

before and after, sod, blue, house, exterior, side yard, transformation, deck, yard, paint

Gorgeous, right? It’s amazing what a difference sod can make! I’m thinking that I just might have to look at doing the same…it would be so nice to have a fresh patch of turf that wasn’t scorched by the drought and infested with weeds as a result. Anyway, you can see more photos along with Kelly Rae’s other adventures in life over at her blog. -erin

If you have a great garden related makeover project that you would like to share with Studio ‘g’ readers please send us pictures and tell us about it.  

Images from kelly rae roberts

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  1. Hayley says:

    I love your home!! Beautiful makeover!! Can you share the blue Paint color of your home?

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