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studio g news and a watery mosiac of a plantIts funny how taking some time away from blogging can quickly make it all seem so foreign.   I have really missed being here and can’t wait to get back into a regular schedule (starting now).   But I want to take a special minute to thank Rodney and Erin for their great posts over the last few weeks.  Not that their posts aren’t always fantastic and hugely appreciated and enjoyed by me, but I am especially grateful for them being here when I simply could not.

I have been a busy busy person lately but all of the sudden I am now re-grouping.  For the last 10 months I have been writing a book and for the last few months is had become entirely consuming — and taking care of that is the reason why I have been absent.   I turned in my manuscript on Monday and while there is a lot to still do, my big push is over and I am able to once again focus on other things. Whew!

Writing a book – or perhaps finishing any all-consuming project that you throw yourself into completely – has a way of changing you a bit.   Have you ever felt that?  Coming off this project, I am feeling much more focussed and aware of what I want to let go of and while I am not entirely sure what is next…I am very excited to about new opportunities and evolving.

I spoke at the Garden Bloggers Conference last week and so enjoyed being part of a program that I think everyone who attended felt was valuable and enjoyable.  Not only do I have a laundry list of things I want to work on for myself and this site, but it has me realizing that I am really excited to hit the road next fall when the book comes out.  I’m looking forward to teaching, speaking and meeting people.  This sort of thing definitely needs to be a bigger part of my work-related repertoire.

I was also recently chosen by the California Flower Growers to be part of their effort to educate and inform consumers about the benefits of buying flowers from US based growers.   I will be traveling to Pasadena in December and January to cover and tell the story of a couple Rose Bowl parade floats that will be made entirely of California grown materials (how cool is that?!).   I can’t wait…keep an eye on the studio ‘g’ facebook page and my instagram for more on that.

So, now that we are all caught up (btw, feel free to share anything big and exciting you have been up to in the comments – we’d all love to hear about it) and while I figure out how all these new pieces and some of my old pieces need to come together and evolve, I am looking forward to getting back into a regular posting schedule.

And speaking of pieces….have you ever seen such an amazing plant as that watery mosaic of leaves?  If you happen to know what the name of this plant is, please share.  I am finding it so inspiring….I just keep looking at it and thinking that I hope my pieces all come together as beautifully!

image by creative commons by cherrylet

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  1. This all looks so amazing. I am anxious to see how this new information is translated to your blog and how you spread the information on buying locally.

  2. Jennifer Ebeling says:

    Hey Rochelle.
    I like your post – I know exactly what you mean about blogging breaks and getting consumed by big projects. Sounds like it’s been a chance for some real personal growth. Whenever that happens, it’s always great to refocus and rediscover the things that are most life-giving. I get so energized by being with others in my field but then I need to balance that with time at home to process it all. It’s always a push/pull. I was sad to miss the blogger conference – it looked great and the feedback has been so positive. I think your California Growers opportunity sounds like a total blast. Good for you!

  3. Justin says:

    I believe that lovely plant is a water chestnut…

    • rochelle says:

      Interesting Justin….We have a local pond (really it is a lake but we call it a pond) that has annual chestnut pulls because something called water chestnuts are an invasive problem….I wonder if they are the same? ( I think these also make very interesting black spiky pods)

  4. Ilona Erwin says:

    Since the photo was taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden I looked up their water garden info and found this:
    I think the mosaic looking plant that draws our attention is the Ludwigia sedioides (mosaic plant) that they describe for a potted water garden. The other plant looks like water hyacinth to me, though I could be wrong. Personally I would LOVE to grow the Ludwiga 🙂

  5. Justin says:

    It’s not Chinese Water Chestnut. It looks like another plant also called Water Chestnut or Water Caltrop (Trama Bicornis and Trama Natans).

  6. Justin says:

    Meant trapa, not trama.

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