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People Who Plant: On Location In America’s Oldest Victory Garden

Bike Garden by Kelly Fitzsimmons

Who are modern gardeners? We are people who hope to grow food that we can feel sure of and we need a calm place to enjoy a few quiet minutes of lush green leafiness every once in a while. A garden is our haven where digging, watering and weeding are not just meditative, but much needed exercise. Our horticultural successes and the endlessly surprising beauty of our gardens amaze us, and we are undeterred by our flops and failures. We are not so different than those that came before us. We are People who Plant and in every issue we will share some of our conversations.

For over 70 years, since the advent of World War II, the Fenway victory gardens of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood have provided land for local residents to grow food, flowers and a wide variety of plants. There are 500 plots over 7 acres and it is the single surviving victory garden of the original 20 million victory gardens that were founded by the Roosevelt administration to fuel the war effort. These gardens are in the heart of the city and though they deal with the very real aspects of urban life and the challenges that come with a busy neighborhood, they thrive by serving the needs of gardeners who represent all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Open to all residents of the city of Boston, President Kristen Mobilia says, “Its an urban myth that there is a 10 year waiting list.” With 91 new gardeners this year, the Fenway Victory Gardens seem a perfect place for PITH + VIGOR to find like-minded people to chat with for our inaugural issue.

Meet the Gardeners…

OlgaSteve, Mackenzie and Owen, Frederika, Jessica, Jaisa, and Kristen

image by Kelly Fitzsimmons

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