Using gardening, art, design, regional food and meaningful travel, PITH+VIGOR is a publishing project that encourages readers (and me!) to follow our curiosity, cultivate our creativity, and lead a beautiful life through connections with our community, nature, and the environment.

PITH + VIGOR (formerly Studio 'g') became a reality in the fall of 2014. The project kicked off with a successful Indiegogo campaign.  With the support of readers, the campaign substantially exceeded the fundraising goal. Rochelle Greayer (that's me) created PITH + VIGOR. 

Currently we are publishing Issue No. 6. Back issues of print versions are available in The Webshop.

Here, you will find a showcase of my thoughts and ideas as well as those of many contributors.
This online platform is a springboard for creative collaborations, events and classes, and a magazine. Issue No. 6 is the first digital only edition. Hopefully, by making this decision we will be able to put out new issues more frequently. Each issue follows a conceptual theme. If you are interested in contributing, check out the submissions page to learn about current and future themes and writing prompts.
Every story here aims to instill and inspire a cultural identity into the practice of gardening, caring for the land, and cultivating beauty.


  • Talk with real gardeners and creative land stewards; share their stories.
  • Inspire planting design. Encourage bio-diversity by featuring interesting and lesser known plants.
  • Celebrate local artisans, designers, creatives, and writers.
  • Teach garden design. But most importantly, how to create gardens that reflect our own passions.
  • Connect readers with growers, makers, builders and each other.
  • Foster regional pride in local landscapes and the food and floral artistry that they generate.
  • Explore the world and cross-pollinate ideas.
  • Discuss trends, current events, news and issues of the day.
  • Challenge, entertain and re-imagine garden writing.
  • Expand our collective creativity.
  • Support small businesses and in particular the entrepreneurial success of women.
  • Generally, make the world a better place.

“We love Pith + Vigor here and especially those stories that you don’t get in mainstream garden mags.”

Andrew Fisher Tomlin

“A hip new horticulture newspaper that has a lovely, creative spin”

Lisa Orgler


“Lovely new garden magazine”


“A bit rebellious and definitely courageous”

Anne Butera of My Giant Strawberry

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