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“I love the concept of developing your garden style so that it becomes the guide for everything that is used. I look at my garden with a new eye.”

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“without the course I'd have a garden with way too many plants in a hodge-podge system at that.”

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I'm a former rocket scientist turned garden designer (on TV and IRL). 
Yes, seriously. 
I'm also an author, entrepreneur and activist who thinks she can help save the planet (and make it a whole lot prettier) by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design. 

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A rendering of an outdoor dining area with a fireplace.

If you are looking for some great ideas to incorporate into a courtyard garden for a mid century modern home – this garden by Ted Cleary is full of great ideas.   I really *really* want to jump right in and cozy up next to that garden fire with a glass of wine. It is […]

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A large tree in the middle of a garden.

As cities increasingly become places where cars are not welcome, the space that cars require will increasingly be filled with other things. Bike lanes, bioswales, rainwater capture areas, gardens, walking paths, and other people-scaled elements and ecosystem service areas will fill the voids left by parking spaces and traffic lanes. But what will become of […]

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A windmill stands in the field at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Claudia Alta Taylor – later known as Lady Bird Johnson and founder of the Lady Bird Johnsson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas, was an original champion of native plants and landscapes that fully embrace their genius loci. If you are in the region – visit these gardens; you will not be disappointed. “I like it […]

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A close up of some red and white flowers. kalmia latifolia minuet

I am a firm believer that if something (in this case – a plant, Kalmia latifolia) pops up on your personal radar more than once a week, then it is time to take notice. Call me superstitious, but I think there is probably a reason someone or something is trying to get your attention. Case […]

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A black and white drawing of a tree root.

As you increase your knowledge of naturalistic planting, using natives in garden design, Matrix planting, and creating plant communities that function better than plant groupings based only on their above-ground visual characteristics, I suspect you will need more information than you can typically get in a basic internet search. You’ll need information about Eco Regions, […]

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Office Makeover with Modernica Planter by rochelle greayer www.pithandvigor.com

Slowly but surely, my new office is taking shape. The hardest part for me is always the finishing touches. I still need to find, load up, and style the bookshelves, sort through a pile of paper that needs to be filed in my less-than-adequate system (dread!!), recover the sofa, and hang some more pictures. I […]

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