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Kathleen in Virginia

“I know so much more about planting design - what to consider, how to do it, how to organize it all, and I have the actual design started!”

Sandy in England

“without this course I would be stalled for sure! To say I am inspired is an understatement!”

ANDie in washington

“I love the concept of developing your garden style so that it becomes the guide for everything that is used. I look at my garden with a new eye.”

Georgene in California

“without the course I'd have a garden with way too many plants in a hodge-podge system at that.”

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I'm a former rocket scientist turned garden designer (on TV and IRL). 
Yes, seriously. 
I'm also an author, entrepreneur and activist who thinks she can help save the planet (and make it a whole lot prettier) by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design. 

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Fall yellows, Amsonia tabernaemontana or other blue star varieties? amshubf amsonia, amsonia hubrictii, amsonia tabernaemontana

I’ve been flirting with Amsonia for years. I can’t remember where we were the first time it caught my eye. It might have been a moment in a book or a magazine, but those ethereal mounds of yellow needle-like leaves with a texture like no other were definitely giving me the ‘come hither’ look.  I […]

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berry heavy gold winterberry in PITH + VIGOR Garden

What is the meaning of Flava? I joke… And also, I am probably giving away my age.  Botanical Latin for Yellow But seriously, now that we have done red (remember red = Coccinea) and blue (blue = Caerulea), we are rounding out the primary colors with yellow. F is for Flava  — Flava is Botanical […]

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The gatekeeper cocktail. Part of Season Spririts and Cocktails from www.pithandvigor.com

It is fall in New England, harvest time. Make sure you prepare your Sacred Rosemary Syrup before it freezes! Or otherwise, bring your rosemary plants indoors – they will grow in a sunny window. Well actuall, in my experience, it will grow for a little while then it will get leggy and stressed by spring. […]

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David Milarch - The man who planted trees

In the world of trees, there’s a modern-day Johnny Appleseed whose mission goes beyond planting apple orchards. His name is David Milarch, a man with a remarkable vision and an even more extraordinary mission. To resurrect the giants of the forest, the ancient trees that have witnessed centuries of history. Through the Archangel Ancient Tree […]

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tomato salad with crunchy cornmeal croutons

In the Spring Issue of PITH + VIGOR (purchase here), we met Julia Sherman, who gave us a tour of her remarkable back garden makeover in Brooklyn, NY.  Julia is an artist whose recent projects have included creating salad gardens on the roofs of MoMA PS1 in New York and The Getty Museum in Los […]

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mortgage lifter tomatoes ripening on the vine

Have you noticed that vegetable gardening is hip again? I love this trend that Americans of all ages are experimenting with growing their own food. Whether their vegetables and fruit are being grown to supplement food from the grocery store or if the intent is to eat mostly from the garden, vegetable gardening (and horticulture) […]

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