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A landscaped backyard with various colorful plants and flowers surrounding a small pond with a waterfall on the sleepy slope. There is a rustic wooden bench in the foreground, and a stone retaining wall in the background. A green arrow with "After" written on it highlights the transformation.

I received a lovely Before & After from Claire over at The Garden Diaries last week, and I’m excited to share her hillside pond makeover with you guys today. What was once just a plain set of steps up the side of a grassy hill has become a fantastic hillside retreat nestled into a slope […]

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Close-up of two blooming yellow and brown irises with water droplets on the petals, nestled in a Chartreuse garden. The flowers have intricate patterns and are surrounded by green leaves and stems. The background is blurred, highlighting the details of the irises.

I’ve turned into a weird hoarder when it comes to Chartreuse plants in my garden. They have always been a favorite of mine.  It only takes a few to make a really big impact so I find myself taking extra efforts to place them in just the right spot. I think harder about where to put […]

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A woman with brown hair is smiling and crawling out of a small, rustic wooden structure that resembles a hobbit house, set into a grassy hillside. Surrounded by the lush greenery of a hobbit garden, she appears to be enjoying the playful, fairy-tale setting.

Hayden Regina is the creator of the Hobbit Houses at Fernwood Botanical Gardens in Niles, Michigan. He shares how he created a set of charming little garden playhouses from simple materials that cost around $250 each.   Who doesn’t want to imagine life in The Shire living like Frodo and Bilbo? Or at least pretend […]

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setaria palmifolia by Katja Schulz

*sort of.* And When I say sort of, I am alluding to the fact that this plant that looks like a palm is not really a palm. It is a grass that looks like a palm, thus the common and not-so-creative name of palm grass. Palm grass, or as is known in the Latin circles […]

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A roll of Union Copper Flashing with dimensions 3 ounces, 8 inches by 20 feet is displayed standing upright on a wooden surface. The label includes compatibility information, warnings, and usage instructions in both English and Spanish, detailing its use to control slugs effectively.

I got an early start on my garden this year but quickly have been a bit demoralized. I planted radishes, beets, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, kale, peas, and broccoli in April, and while I got lots of babies, I really only have a few pea plants, a bunch of hole-y radishes and an odd spinach and […]

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It’s time for another garden inspired by fashion, and once again, I have found something that I think is really fun by my new favorite fashion illustrator – goodyfinch at Can’t not Know. Really, almost all of my inspirations lately are coming from this amazing artist. This one is titled Christian Dior 08, and I think it […]

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