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Kathleen in Virginia

“I know so much more about planting design - what to consider, how to do it, how to organize it all, and I have the actual design started!”

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“without this course I would be stalled for sure! To say I am inspired is an understatement!”

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“I love the concept of developing your garden style so that it becomes the guide for everything that is used. I look at my garden with a new eye.”

Georgene in California

“without the course I'd have a garden with way too many plants in a hodge-podge system at that.”

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I'm a former rocket scientist turned garden designer (on TV and IRL). 
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I'm also and author, entrepreneur and activist who thinks she can save the world (and make it a whole lot prettier)by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design. 

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With only a few exceptions every US state has a university based extension program that operates a soil lab. These soil testing labs can used by both commercial growers and farmers and home gardeners. Most tests are very affordable (~$20 or less) and there are instructions for how to collect and package the samples on […]

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garden stepping stone path

image by murrayneill What makes a stepping stone path in your garden successful?   We have all experienced ones that are less than great – but perhaps never thought about why.   Stepping stone paths in gardens can be tricky and here is what I think makes them work. 1) The stepping-stones should be dramatically […]

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sedge lawn with amsonia

Sedge lawns are a smart environmental alternative to traditional lawns.  While traditional lawns are resource intensive (i.e. mowing,fertilizing, and watering avoe rainfall levels typically reuired), sedge lawns are often less taxing. Sedges are close botanical cousins of the conventional grasses that make up traditional lawns. But what we consider traditional lawns in the USA are […]

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native planting

Heather, over at Restoring the Landscape is not one of those all talk, no action people.  Her website covers a wide range of topics around restoring landscapes with native plants, creating wildlife habitats, birds, insects, biodiversity, and invasive species. Heather herself rectnly restored the landscape around her own home in Minnesota. And when I say […]

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winter wreath making by rochelle greayer www.pithandvigor

Winter wreath making festivities start with post-Thanksgiving walks. With pruners in one hand, and the canvas log carrier in the other, I love to forage for my favorite cuttings to make a beautiful fresh winter wreath from the local hedgerows.

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Gift ideas and gift guide for gardeners and garden lovers

I zig when everyone else is zagging. I can’t help it. It is part liability, part superpower. (every wonder-woman/ mom has a fatal flaw, and this is mine… and also cookie dough is my kryptonite). I could not bring myself to be part of the all the shopping chaos that was last week. So, now […]

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