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Art, Science & Design inspiration for people with dirt under their nails - from the author of Cultivating Garden Style

Loved Designing Women! 

Girl, yes. I feel like around here we can offer the subsets of New Naturalism that might be called... "Austin chic" -- "Micro Prairie" -- "Denver parking lot" aesthetics with real easy plug and play plants -- Salvia yangii - Yucca - Catmint - Yarrow and I SO care about creating templates free to landscapers and growing the plants for them. 
I'm eager for more content & action around this. Awesome!

I'm eager for more...!

Don't just take it from me....

What an amazing newsletter… I’m fired up! 


-Karo C.
rootsandshrubs.com (Oklahoma city)

Love this email!!!! So true and informative at the same time.

Thank you!

So True and Informative!


I love these posts. You're digging in (I cannot help the puns) to something and it is exciting to watch it unfold, to see where you are going with these fired up thoughts. 

Keep it up!

You're digging in (I cannot help the puns) and it is exciting...


Several weeks ago, while ruminating about my disorganized garden, I flitted here and there in/out of websites, blogs, IG, etc. I snuck some time to listen to your free lecture, taking notes on the back of scrap receipts found in my pockets). I LOVED your presentation! I have so much to learn. Everything made so much sense to me when you connected all the dots. 💡💡! 😅💚🤓!

Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement and sharing your stream of conscious thoughts! I love it all :) 

Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement and sharing your stream of conscious thoughts! I love it all :)



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