Meet Ellen Hoverkamp – Fall 2015 Cover Artist

Posted by Rochelle
October 2, 2015 | Contributors, People

Ellen Hoverkamp for PITH + VIGOR AUTUMN 2015 COVER ARTIST

Connecticut artist Ellen Hoverkamp has exhibited her work in galleries and solo shows throughout New England, New York, New Jersey and Ohio. She won the Garden Writers Association 2013 Gold Medal in Photography for her collaboration with Ken Druse on Natural Companions: The Garden Lover’s Guide to Plant Combinations published in 2012 by STC Books.

Hoverkamp’s photographs are created by arranging botanical cuttings and natural objects face down on the 12” x 17” glass platen of a large format flatbed photo scanner. Following several fast preview scans, the final high resolution pass is usually made in a darkened room. The mission of Ellen’s work is to draw attention to the exquisite beauty of nature.
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