Before & After: A Relaxing Space for a Quaint Front Yard

Posted by erin lang
August 15, 2014 | Before and After

One of my favorite things about writing the Before & After series here on Studio ‘g’ is that I get to read all kinds of little facts about the projects. The one I found for this week won 2 runner-up awards in the summer of 2012 from Kansas City Home & Gardens- one for best professional landscape and the other for best outdoor living space. Katie and NSPJ architects completed the project and I love how it turned out.

081414afterI’m a huge fan of having an area in the front yard that’s dedicated to relaxing…somewhere to wave to your neighbors on their evening walks while sipping a tall glass of lemonade.  A space like this radiates warmth to visitors and makes the home feel effortlessly calm and collected. While the before photo wasn’t terrible, this is a perfect example of  the impact you can have by adding a well planned selection of shrubs with varying textures alongside a new flagstone patio. Nice job, NSPJ Architects! -erin

Photos from: Katie Martinovic at Katie’s Landscape


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