A Shamrock (Oxalis) Rainbow

Posted by Rochelle

I’m finding the ever- increasing variety of oxalis  (commonly called Shamrocks or Wood Sorrel) available to gardeners very inspiring. In the last decade (or so) it seems like the color and shape choices have exploded – there is – literally – a whole rainbow of elegant and interesting options.    So, in honor of all things St. Patrick, leprechauns, and pots of gold, I felt compelled to make an actual rainbow for you…

a shamrock (oxalis) rainbow www.pithandvigor.com

From red and pink, to yellow-orange, green, and purple/black these are elegant plants for rock gardens (I think they are particularly nice in a scree garden where gravel can really highlight the charm of these plants) and most especially in containers (each could easily fill a container – mix and match colors with funky pots for a more clever design).

Though they are generally considered annuals (unless you are above zone 9), you can winter them over inside.  Stash them in a dark spot late in the year and let them rest –  90% of the plant will die off,  but late in the winter, you can put them in a sunny window and when the days get long enough they will send up a new leaves, a cool sign that spring is on the way.  It only takes a few weeks after that before the pot is covered with leaves.

images from Proven Winners.  This post was sponsored by Proven winners. 



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