Seasonal Songs: Cool Patio Pool Party

April 21, 2011 | Pool Gardens, Retro, Seasonal Songs

poolside patio party music list

If I still owned a record player, this four record set would already be mine…..but rather, in the digital age, I set about reconstructing some of the playlist for your next cool pool or patio party.

I completely enjoyed listening to these sounds and while compiling this post, I started to feel like I just can’t wait  to surprise my guests with this hip retro vibe when I next invite them over for garden libations.

Aloutte by Paul Mauriat — This makes me feel like I have entered some sort of 50’s Disney LSD party (which I think is party perfect).

Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin — Making things just the right amount of dangerously sexy.

More after the break.

La Violetera sung by Sara Montiel — If you do a YouTube search for this song, you will find that Sara Montiel has sung it in about 500 different Spanish language movies (I only slightly exaggerate), a fact I find quite amusing. This was my favorite version; I love how much she seems to hate the guy in the balcony while singing so heavenly.  But for a party, I would need to find a cleaner version without the other actors occasionally talking over the top.

Arrivedero Roma by Nat King Cole – I much prefer Nat King Cole’s butter smooth voice to the combo of Mario Lanza and the Louisa Di Meo from the movie “Seven Hills of Rome”. Louisa is sweet, but a kid’s singing voice would, I think, ruin my party vibe.

Volare by Connie Francis — This version is just so ‘cute’.

Petite Fleur by Sidney Bechet — No words, straight up sexy saxophone vibe, vibe, vibe.

Sorrento by Anna German So cheery and summery!!  (when can I plan a return trip to Italy?)

So Flute by St. Germain Even though I don’t know many ‘flute’ songs, this one is hands down the best I have ever heard.

Moon River by Danny Williams – This might have to be that ‘ok, time to go home everyone’ end of the night que song….its a little slow, but I love it (much more than ‘White on White‘ which is suggested on the album).

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I agree – that really is the best flute song ever. Eat your heart out, Jethro Tull!

thank you for posting about these records!! I immediately clicked the link and snapped them up and they have become the go to music for all of my neighborhood gatherings. If they are not playing when people arrive, it usually doesn’t take long before someone’s popped one on!

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