Root Barriers

August 25, 2008 | Materials + Tools

Bamboos are a huge design trend but installation can quickly become prohibitively expensive as running bamboos need to be contained and that involves root barriers. I just came across this product, the DuPont™ GreenVista® Root Barrier and according to the manufacturer, it is

“a new and unique product that creates an impenetrable vertical barrier to contain a plant’s root system. It is made of a technically-advanced flexible fabric that is tough enough to contain even the most aggressive root systems. Now you can ensure that you have only planned growth in your garden”

Dupont Green Vista Root Barrier
They also claim that

“Root Barrier can also be used to protect your landscaped areas, buildings and utility channels from damage by root invasion. … It is also a useful protective measure for your pond, to prevent the pond liner from being damaged by root growth….Recommended for bamboo.”

Lowe’s seems to carry the exclusive line of Dupont garden products in the USA but not this… Has anyone tried it and can tell us if it lives up to the claims?


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