Garden Gallery: Sebastian Mariscal in Tijuana

sebastian mariscal garden tijuana mexico

Happy Monday!!  I’ve got a a little blockade of draft posts to clear out today (Now that I am past Friday’s Bluehost image rejecting drama). This is a quickie — then I have to make an airport run and I will be back again later today.

This totally hip garden by Sebastian Mariscal is located in Tijuana, Mexico — Proving that even in the most blighted of cities, there are design happenings and interesting people making seductive green spaces.    (click through to Sebastian’s website to see even more images).  It’s location alone is inspiring to me, but that stacked wood entrance wall is plain sexy with it’s slightly un-done, rough around the edges way and it’s little peep shows.

garden wall stacked wood sebastian mariscal

sebastian mariscal garden tijuana mexico

sebastian mariscal garden roof garden mexico

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Wow. I’m in a similar climate and that just screams termite heaven. Good thing it’s cosmetic only, and those cast walls are enclosing the living spaces

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