Inspiration Board: Black Urban Earthy

I love imagining gardens and outdoor rooms that have a distinct look and feel and when I start to play with ideas I always start with words. Specifically the words that appeal to me at that moment, or to the people whose space I am working on. When I started messing around with Studio ‘g’ and the new design here, I came across this collection of images at Joy Thigpen‘s Blog.

The title is ‘Black Urban Earthy’. I love those words by themselves, but together they get really good…and there it was, an immediate starting point for the Studio ‘g’ redesign.  But since I am still obsessing over the sexiness of it…I thought I would make a garden board with the same inspiration.


Images: 1. Black Orchids – Cymbidium Kiwi Midnight ‘Geyserland’, 2. Chicago Reclaimed brick veneer from Bricksalvage 3. Lantern, similar at Zgallerie, 4. Azobe Salvaged Wood and Rope Planters from Restoration Hardware, 5. Black, Urban and Earthy Flowers from oncewed. 6. Agapanthus ‘White Heaven from Sara Raven, 7.  terracotta pots image from pinterest. Pasha by Pedrali garden chair from Umodern. 10. granite cobbles image from Pinterest.

Here is what I would do — cover something in those bricks (a wall preferably).  Use a whole bunch of those lanterns.  Plant lots of white agapanthus in Terracotta pots and those great rope containers.  I’d probably under-plant them with Thyme or some other green cover plant.   Center pieces of my chunky rugged dining table would be a beautiful arrangement accompanied by breathtaking back orchids (in terracotta pots).  Floor would be dark grey granite, and at least two of the black chairs (at the head and foot of the table) would be absolutely necessary.   To top it all off, I would create a little mood noise with these chimes from a collection at Studio by the Forest.

urban earthy chimes

Would you add anything?

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