Minali Singh’s Lotus Lamps & Rocket Planters

September 24, 2012 | Container Gardens, Lighting

minali singh rocket planter terracotta

As I have sort of begun to organize the chicken coop/ potting shed I am – with every item that gets discarded – wanting to fill the space with terracotta and other sweet containers for making indoor  and mini gardens.  I’ve discovered that perusing flea markets and consignment shops with the specific purpose of digging up pots, usually has good results.

minali singh rocket planter terracotta from www.pithandvigor.comNonetheless, these interestingly shaped terracotta containers by Minali Singh caught my eye.  I think they would compliment the increasing collection nicely and give the old standard garden terracotta look a modern design edge — not to mention that they are actually like four pots in one.

minali singh  terracotta lotus lights from www.pithandvigor.com

I’m also quite taken with the Lotus Lights.  The simple shape would be so pretty hung singly, in a bunch, or as the images suggest, left lying on the ground.

minali singh  terracotta lotus lights from www.pithandvigor.com

Minali Singh is a designer in Qatar.  The clear inspirations here are rockets and lotus leaves – an interesting combination I think…makes me really wonder what the design scene is like in Qatar.

images from design boom.





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