Porcelain Garden Sculptures by Anya Stasenko & Slava Leontyev

April 1, 2013 | Art

porcelain sculpture by Anya Stasenko & Slava Leontyev

porcelain sculpture by Anya Stasenko & Slava Leontyev

As some of my big garden projects work their way towards being done, I am starting to pay closer attention to the accents, accessories and details that I can layer in once big things like patios, pergolas, and new pathways are laid.

porcelain sculpture by Anya Stasenko & Slava Leontyev

I don’t see garden art as much different than inside art.  You can go to a mass market retailer and get a few large scale prints that will serve the purpose.  But for something truly original and uniquely inspiring and joyful, you need original art.  Originality gives you the hand of the artist, something unique and special and I think it is just as worth seeking out as you might seek a special painter for something you would hang on over your sofa.

porcelain sculpture by Anya Stasenko & Slava Leontyev

These beautiful porcelain sculptures are created by Ukranian duo  Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev.  As a team they create and paint each one into a beautiful work of art.

porcelain sculpture by Anya Stasenko & Slava Leontyev

I am quite partial to this set of owls.  I can imagine them perched in a real tree looking down  (but not so high that I can see them) over my garden.

porcelain sculpture by Anya Stasenko & Slava Leontyev

You can see more of their work and connect with them on their facebook page.

images from venice clay artisans and AnyaSlava on Facebook found via Delphine.

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That is amazing, love the vivid colors.

Wow! I love these animal porcelains! It really looks great in the garden but it must be secured especially when there are children in the house.

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