The Art Of The Bee Hive

Posted by Rochelle
June 16, 2016 | Design

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I miss the beehives that sat at the edge of the our garden for many seasons.  They weren’t particularly special as hives go – not like those that I see from groovier beekeepers, but they were fascinating and I loved observing our beekeepers as they cared for the hives.

We don’t have them anymore after a particularly rough year (a couple of years ago).  Our beekeeper had 25 hives throughout our town – three in my garden – and the winter of 2013 took out 23 of them. The result of was a regrouping of sorts – all the hives went back to his property in a sweeping back-to-the-drawing-board decision, and they haven’t comeback.

As I consider finding a new beekeeper – or perhaps even trying to take it on myself – I am very inspired by beehive art.  I can’t deny my designer inclinations and I am drawn to anything that can be a canvas for something creative and interesting.

Do you keep bees?  Have you considered turning them into a bit of a feature?  These are a few of my favorites from around the internet.

If you have done something special with your hive share the a link where we can see it!




  1. Dana Bechert via The Garden Edit
  2. Urban Pollinator Project
  3. Best Bees
  4. Miel de Monen France
  5. Rusuley




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