A Romantic Magnolia Inspired Garden for “Design New England”

August 27, 2008 | Design

A few months back I was asked by the lovely editors at “Design New England” Magazine to be involved in creating their ‘selections’ section that would be focusing on the landscape. The brief was interesting….Using a “romantic” plant or flower as inspiration suggest various landscape elements that you would incorporate into an outdoor room…. Not having done this before, and knowing also that they had also asked a couple other designers to do the same, I panicked. Thinking that there are only so many “romantic” flowers, what if the other designers choose the same ones, then what would happen? Out of shear fear that they would change their mind and pick another designers version of the same romantic plant, I decided that must go over the top and provide them options. They chose their favorite, and I later found out that the brief for the other designers was different, so I needlessly feared duplication. I have included my board here and then what the actual spread looked like….. I will post the other boards that they didn’t use in the next few days.

Our ‘Studio g’ version….

.Garden Party Romance
And the magazine version….Design New England Cover
Design New England Inside

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