Morten Flyverbom

March 28, 2011 | Design, Modern Masters

green bettle morten flyverbom

Art and design are funny things to observe.

Are there ever really any completely new and original ideas?  I think probably not, but I’m really not sure.  I remember in design school an instructor saying that (as a designer) “you are only as good as your inspiration folder”, and that “to be a good designer you had to be a copy cat” (or something that closely resembles that sentiment).  Shocking sounding, but the point was that you must learn from others; there is no denying that we are all influenced by what we see, and what we see constantly inspires new ideas and thoughts. We might as well be aware of it and work to be good at it.

Sometimes, I get all conflicted about taking ideas though.  I personally hate to be copied, but I love to feed people inspiration and see them make it blossom — it’s can be a very fine line.  A good idea is a good idea.  I think take it and run with it, make it your own. Evolve.

But I also have this thought that wherever possible, I like to trace things back and give credit.  Certainly Morten Flyverbom was influenced by something, but I think we can give him a nod for kicking off the current trend of environmental and ecological  art.

morten flyverbom

Morten has been many things besides an artist:

Lorry Driver
Yoga Teacher
Aerial Photographer
Film maker
Tight Rope walker
High School Teacher
Cultural Mediator

It’s a list I find fascinating when I look at his art and compare.  Where might his inspiration have come from, and from where might mine (and yours) next arrive?

oak bike by morten flyverbom

images from Morten Flyverbom

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