Before & After: A DIY Porch Painting

before and after porch stencil painting
Are you getting in the mood for spring?  I certainly am — the itch is really needing to be scratched so I am not only starting to get my seed and plant orders finalized but also I am making some DIY plans.   This porch makeover  is just the sort of thing that I can’t wait to get messy with — once the snow is gone.  It is kind of extraordinary….

These were done using Modello Concrete Carpet patterns (stencils).  Gracie Reed (the artist behind this) used a polymer-based concrete overlay product called RSCrete from Faux Effects, International. Apparently it is not a piant but rather a substance that gets thinly troweled over an existing concrete slab -like a Venetian Plaster, but for  floors.

images from designamour

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3 Responses to Before & After: A DIY Porch Painting

  1. WOW! I’ve wanted to do something with my concrete porch and patio but thought I could only cover them with other materials. The not-paint/stencils are gorgeous and are really inspiring me!

  2. Stunning! What a transformation. I wonder how the effect will hold up to foot traffic, or if it would do well in a snowy winter climate. It certainly is beautiful.

    I have two possibilities for before and afters that you might want to see — found both of these on the same blog called Green Thumb Blonde:
    1.Creating a gorgeous backyard from a builder’s lot:

    2. Detailed design analysis to dress up a yucky front yard & house facade:

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