Daily Garden: Modern Photography Garden

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There are so many great ideas to steal from this modern garden.  I have a laundry list of ideas:

  • how about that floor cushion/ sofa that could be easily created by someone with some sewing skills.
  • and the decking that changes direction as every level – coupled with the concrete step – a great mix of materials
  • the shade of the blue door with the house color is quite nice
  • Bamboo in front of a fence is such a softer look
  • and the outdoor photo art…that is something I am going to have to figure out how to create for my own humid summer climate.

What inspiration are you taking from this garden?

Images by  David Tsay and found via Desire to Inspire.

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2 Responses to Daily Garden: Modern Photography Garden

  1. I like the extra large picture on the wall!! Nicely placed, gives an interesting focal point but the subdued color tone doesn’t steal the show…if ya know what I mean

  2. The second photo:

    -dont be afraid to mix indoor styling with outdoor rooms. Hanging an oversized photo doesn’t seem so out of place indoors, so push the limits and do it outdoors as well

    -use your throw pillows to accent the natural colors in the landscaping to create harmony

    -Don’t feel pressured to create an entire outdoor living room, a couch and a small coffee table will allow a space to gather without being overwhelming (on the area OR your budget)

    Thanks for the post!!

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