Gathering from the Garden

Good Monday To You! —  I am in Raleigh, NC for an interesting event (I will tell you more about it once I have attended it — I have no idea really what to expect

spring bouquet march 2012

Thought it would be nice to get started with this sweet garden bouquet gathered by Roanne on Sunday, March 25, 2012.



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Wyatt Studio Garden Art

Wyatt Studio Garden Art

I’m thrilled to start the week with introducing you to Wyatt Ellis.  A few years back  Wyatt translated his day job as a welder of store fixtures into an interesting aside, that is now his day job:  Artist Creator of Exciting Garden Pieces.  These are a few of my favorites, but there are many more…

Styrofoam Dome Houses for a Better World?

I’m jumping on Patti’s (over at Liberty Post) bandwagon.  I quite agree that these inexpensive, earthquake resistant Styrofoam homes should be a serious consideration for places like Haiti.  For that matter, lots of other places.  Created by International Dome House Inc. which is based in Japan, these homes boast ultra thermal insulating properties, easy scalability…

In the Garden With: Luke Dixon

In the Garden With: Luke Dixon

Luke Dixon is an apiarist, an apiculturist, a caretaker for bees – I call him a B-man.  His new book, Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities, published by Timber Press, is all about urban beekeeping and not only is it full of helpful advice for urban beekeepers but there are case studies of beekeepers (including me!) all around the…