Weekend Things

Bull terrier and australian girl circa 1934

Please accept my apologies for being away yesterday.  The day was packed to the gills and getting online was ultimately not in the cards.  But, among other things, I think we have finally found a puppy — he is a couple weeks from arriving at our home, but this sweet picture gives a good idea of the future Greayer family dog.

Here are a few fun links to check out til Monday!

Have a great weekend ~ R

image: Margaret Shaffhauser with and English bull terrier at the Canine Association Show, 3 Nov 1934 / by Ted Hood from flickr

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Paver Lights

So I have seen paver lights in catalogs, but being highly skeptical, I haven’t been inclined to think much of it. But I see that International Lighting Design Firm of the Year Winner. Light+Design in London has used them to what appears to be great success in this public project. Now this changes things a…

T. Delaney & R. Greayer at the AD Show

It is not often that you get to actually meet and chat with people you admire and then find them worthy of the pedestal you have put them on.   I had this happen on Thursday when I met Topher Delaney at the Architectural Digest show in NYC.  Topher’s exhibit for the show was hand’s down…

Before & After: A New Hangout for this Rural Backyard

Before & After: A New Hangout for this Rural Backyard

I really enjoy reading stories about people who take huge leaps when buying a home and this is a great example. Kristina and her boyfriend lived in busy Portland, Oregon when they decided they were due for a change. After searching high and low for almost 2 years, they finally found a gem of a…

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