We had a party….

At this stage in my life, party recovery takes a long time.  It is a sad state of affairs, but this one was worth it.  Tower Hill Botanic Garden played host to one of the prettiest launch parties I’ve ever seen (and I have been to precisely one book/ newspaper launch party so I speak with great authority on this).   We launched my book – Cultivating Garden Style and PITH + VIGOR in grand style – I really can’t decide what the best part was….

The cake? (By my very talented friend Sue who owns Harvard Sweet Boutique)

Culticating Garden Style and Pith and Vigor launch cake www.pithandvigor.com



Or was it that my parents and sister flew in from Colorado and Virginia to surprise me? And they really did surprise me!! (that is them in the middle looking all proud…)


Or was it the beautiful gardens and Tower Hill‘s Limonaia?






Or was it all the amazing people and friends who showed up to celebrate with me?  You guys are the best.













Or how about all these pictures? – taken by the most excellent Kelly Fitzsimmons.  (Woe – there is never a good shot of the photographer!!)

What a whirlwind it all was. This all went down last Wednesday – I think I started feeling energetic again around Sunday afternoon….and here it is a whole week later before I get the post up. C’est la vie.

It was quite an event.  I could not be more grateful.

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we all enjoyed the party.


all images by Kelly Fitzsimmons


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Congratulations, Rochelle! I wish we that we could have been there!

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