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2008 garden design color trends - green in all variations
23 07 2008| Art, Garden Travel, Trends

Trend # 5 – Green in all variations Green, of course green, it is the word of the moment; it exudes an air of health, beauty and serenity. I love this picture of a green garden posted by Rudy Garon at his website Antigua daily photo I grew up in...

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grey and shiny - color trend 2008 - chrysocephalum apiculatum
19 07 2008| Accessories, Plants, Trends

Zara inspired me to take a look around and see what we could offer in the spirit of the 2008 color trends. Here are some ideas for color trends in 2008. Trend # 1 – Pinks – Especially yellow pinks and raspberry pink.   Plants with the right colors tones.  Astilbe taquetii...

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A recap of HD Expo 2008

There were quite a few events over the 2 days that I attended. These are my thoughts about each. Town Hall Meeting Looking back (and writing this after the fact) – this was easily one the best events for my purposes to attend and the best part is that it...

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