Succulent Cafe by Succulents and Sunshine

succulent cafe vertical succulent wall via

Trust me when I say that you should forget reading this post and just hop directly on over to Succulents and Sunshine.   Cassidy Tuttle stumbled across the most amazing cafe in Oceanside, California and then proceeded to take beautiful pictures of this inspiring place (because thats what awesome photographers do).

succulent cafe window garden via

Near as I can tell The Succulent Cafe has this gorgeousness and coffee (no website only a fb page)….and basically you get to sit in the gorgeous courtyard while enjoying your cup of joe (what else could you want?).

Colored-wood succulent cafe via
 So have I whetted your appetite for more?  Cassidy has lots more images for your enjoyment….head over to her site to check them out.

shoe filled with succulents

images by succulents and sunshine


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