Gouache Flower Paintings from Gottorf Castle (Hi Res Downloads!)

senecio bicolor gouache paintings from Gottorf Castle circa 1660 - via www.pithandvigor.com

I discovered this morning that the entire Gottorfer Codex (danish: Gottorpsk Codex) is available on issuu. The Gottorfer Codex is a beautiful collection of gouache paintings on vellum depicting the flowers in the garden of Gottorf  Castle  (Schloss Gottorf) which is in Northern Germany near the Danish border.

tropaeolum majus gouache paintings from Gottorf Castle circa 1660 - via www.pithandvigor.com

The duplicates of the original images (which were all created between 1649 and 1659) are in the public domain and some of them are even available at very hi resolution (here) so you can download them to use as you wish.

agave americana gouache paintings from Gottorf Castle circa 1660 - via www.pithandvigor.com


These are a few of my favorites…I think at least I will put them in my rotation of screensavers and I am pondering other ways to play with them.  Of course anyone can print and frame them, but I have been wanting to play with collage…any have any other ideas?


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These are lovely. Thank you. I have another place to add to your resources page (which is a good one!): http://www.heirloomroses.com/
I ordered a couple of roses for my mom & was very pleased with their promptness and service – plus they have a ton of roses!

I wonder how they would work with the company that prints your designs on fabric — can’t think of its name at the moment. I’m thinking pillows or dishtowels — especially for that agave (?) above.

Spoonflower is one: http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome

These are wonderful images. There are several that inspire me to make some hand carved stamps. That agave would make a great stamp. Thanks for sharing this resource.

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