Je Persoonlijke Tuin – My book, In Dutch

Posted by Rochelle

Je Persoonlijke Tuin Dutch version of Cultivating Garden Style by Rochelle Greayer


Check this out – it’s my book – in Dutch.  I love all things Dutch – have I ever told you that if I could live anywhere in the whole wide world, I’d choose Amsterdam? (maybe someday that will come true).

So, the fact that the first international translation of my book is in Dutch just makes me love the place even more.

Plus – I kind of really love their version of the title- Je Persoonlijke Tuin – simply, it translates to ‘Your Personal Garden’ which is (In my opinion) even better than the original….because that is what it is all about – creating a beautiful personal garden that perfectly reflects and nourishes you.

You can get it here.



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