Weekend Things

movable feast.  Berlin community moving garden in for the winter with garden carts

This weekend is all about getting ready for the weekends after that.   I have guests coming next weekend and then I am headed to London for the Chelsea Flower Show the following weekend (I can’t be more excited!)  and then it’s memorial day and summer will have full-on arrived.  The pressure is on….the mulch must get spread, and the pea gravel must get out in place!

I have to also confess, the dream has died…I will not be planting a thyme lawn.  I am disappointed, but it came down to two things — availability of other options (few and far between and less than easy to acquire and research) and that the rain finally came and in less than 10 minutes (while the kindergartner was making his way to the car yesterday morning for school) I was able to take advantage of the perfect planting weather and turf seed the whole thing.   It’s done….maybe if the grubs come back again, I will re-visit the alternatives….but for now I am content, lawns where I live are perfectly reasonable ground cover solutions as they are happy to thrive irrigation and chemical free – and I have something checked off the to-do list.


Image: From Remodelista.  Hundreds of shopping carts full of plants being pushed down the street as Berlin’s community gardeners move the garden inside for the winter.  See the whole story here.


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Weekend Things

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