Things to be Thankful For

November 27, 2013 | Stories

As I prepare to shut down for the next couple of days and spend some much needed quiet time with my little family I wanted to share with you some things that I have been thankful for lately.

fuzzy flower via

  • I am grateful for this post.  I’m not really in a creative rut, but the final throws of finishing my book sure have started to feel like a monkey on my back.  Wondering if instead of feeling sorry for myself, I should instead look to reviving by way of giving to someone else.
  • As I continue to source images for my book, I am grateful for companies with responsive and helpful PR staff and designers who have had the forethought to take good images of their work and who own the rights to them. As a writer and media person, it makes it so much easier to celebrate the wonderful things they have to offer.
  • I am super grateful that Top of the Hub is serving Thanksgiving Dinner and that I was able to get a reservation for my posse to sit high in the Boston Sky and eat a lovely meal together.
  • I am grateful for problogger articles spurring me on when I need it.  I took a challenge this morning to create a list post (and this is it).  As I am struggling more than I should to make this gratitude list, I am realizing a bigger lesson…I need to practice being thankful a little more often.
  • I am constantly thankful for the helpful guy who runs the giant saw at my local Lowes.  He forces me to have thought out my DIY plans enough so that I can tell him how to cut the wood I need.  It saves me from having to navigate my husband’s super scary (to me) table saw.
  • I am thankful my daughter who always makes me a cup of tea when I ask, and for my son who is (strangely) so eager to bring in firewood.

And I am thankful for those of you who come here regularly and even more so for those who comment and reach out.  Speaking of which….I was cruising through my photo library and  came across this picture that I took a few years ago at a local nursery.  My daughter picked this flower off the ground and I have never figured out what it came from…ideas?

Happy Thanksgiving!



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The flower looks like mimosa (Albizia julibrissin). They’re pretty, soft and smell nice, but the tree they come from is invasive in a majority of the United States. Your photo is precious! I love the nail polish. Happy Thanksgiving.

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