So I have this idea for a new regular feature here.  My husband insists that is shoudl be called “WTF is that?” While I agree, that does seem the perfect name, I am struggling to commit to the ‘F’.   I am an avid ‘F’ user but to have it as the title of a regular post seems a little unprofessional and pushing decorum slightly too far.  But then I think, WTF?  What do you think?   Anyway, here is the new feature — maybe you can help me decide what the name should be.

Crinkle Crankle Wall. What is that?  I love the names for things in gardening and garden design.  My husband is forever accusing me of making things up — the latest Latin…kirenshoma palmata (he thinks I made that name up), now this morning…crinkle crankle walls….No, I am not making this up.

crinkle crankle wall serpentine wall slange muur snaking wall brick wall construction

image by the vintage cottage

Other names for it are ‘serpentine walls’ or ‘ribbon walls’ which are perhaps somewhat more descriptive.  But in many places (particularly in England) they are Crinkle Crankle Walls.  They are also found in the Netherlands (having thought to originate there in the 16th century) where they are called slange muur—snaking wall.

crinkle crankle wall

image by *Notes

Crinkle Crankle walls have curving lines following a serpentine path rather than a straight line. This layout gives the construction added strength and does away with the need for buttressing.

crinkle crankle wall serpentine wall slange muur snaking wall brick wall construction

image by bluesoccerelephant

It has been used in conjunction with growing fruit as it is thought that the curve of the wall traps and radiate the rays of the sun, which assist the fruit in growing.

This type of wall is more resistant to toppling than a straight wall; so much so that it can be made of a single thickness of un-reinforced brick and so, despite its longer length, can be more economical than a straight wall.

9 Responses to New Feature: But I’m not sure what to call it?

  1. Eh, I don’t like it as a title for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, I think that while we all use that expression, it’s usually in regard to something that we don’t like, or at least think is really weird. The point of this new feature seems to be informative, but not negatively judgmental, so I don’t think it’s appropriate. Secondly, while some bloggers write in a slangy style (like ModFruGal for example), you generally don’t. It seems a little out of character, title-wise. Anyway, I like the content– I’ve heard serpentine wall, but never Crinkle Crankle.

  2. Modfrugal — so funny you say that…I told my husband that I thought I should use WTH (even before your comment)– he told me that would be ‘internet dorky’ and I shouldn’t….but with backing now I am tempted….
    Linda — of course, I meant what the flora….
    Sasha….love your thoughtful response…you are right…be myself…and write my normal way…but sometimes, I write an awful lot like I speak…but when I read how I speak, I realize that I can (and should) speak better….
    Louise…no, I didn’t know that — once again you always share the most interesting stuff….and even more apropos, I have been planning a daily garden post about Thomas Jefferson’s garden….but didn’t know that there were crinkle crankle walls…

  3. I really enjoyed your naming dilemma. I wanted to start a regular feature called WTF too, but then I envisioned having to explain what that meant to my mother, or mother in law and decided against it. Instead I settled on WWTT…or ‘what were they thinking’. It’s turned into a code speak between my husband and I, which can come in really handy in a group situation. Of course I do use it a little more like S@sha observed.

    I just found your blog…love it!

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