Idea: Walls with Things in Them.

April 20, 2009

I have come across a few pictures that have me thinking about how to make walls a bit more interesting. I like the idea of building stuff into your walls. Like pots to grow stuff in. Doesn’t this look nice? I love how the trim and container go so well.

paul hendershot garden design pot in wall xeriscape

Image from the portfolio of Paul Hendershot Design.

Or here is an interesting idea….canned vegetables…though I fear what they would look like in 20 years – but conceptually interesting.

canned carots built into a wall at chaumont festival france garden

Image from HiaKu Island taken at the Chaumont Garden Festival in France.

These are Bee Boles, the precursor to Bee Hives built into the walls at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

bee boles early bee hives lost gardens of heligan wall

Image by Ennor.

The Stained Glass (ugly brick and nasty black grout not withstanding) is built into the garden walls at the Elvis Memorial Garden in Memphis to create an interesting design feature.

elvis memorail garden wall stained glass

Image from abbyNormalGA.

And one more place for inspiration…I provide a link because my words and a single picture cannot describe…Philadelphia’s Magic garden is built almost completely around the idea of using found objects to create garden walls. Check it out here.

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  1. arythrina says:

    That top picture looks amazing – and very inspiring.

    I just stumbled upon the Magic Garden in Philly last month! I was visiting a friend and we went wandering through (only a $3 donation to get in) astounded. Every single surface is covered in objects, writing, ceramics, bike wheels, bottles, paintings… It’s almost difficult to keep your orientation to the world straight in there. Very much like a hallucination.

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