Would You Put This Kind of Art in Your Garden?

July 22, 2013 | Art, Wabi Sabi

I am hunting for a technique whereby I might be able to create my own version of this image.  I simply love the idea of contemporary art in the garden but hate the idea of mold and mildew destroying something I cherish.  art in the garden via www.pithandvigor.com

Have you ever had the notion to put a painting or other similar art in the garden?  And if you have or did — techically speaking – how did you pull it off? I’d really like to hear about successes and failures.

image via espacio vita

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I love the look of ‘unexpected’ art in gardens. A restaurant I used to live near hung up several canvases on a brick wall as part of their patio’s decor, but took them down when the patio wasn’t open (when it was raining and all winter). That inspired me to hang up a few canvases on my deck. I love that it does the same thing that art inside my house does (adds color, breaks up the wall, etc.) but again, is unexpected. My canvases are cheapo abstract art from HomeGoods, and so far it seems they’re a only getting a little sun damage–nothing water-related that I can tell. I did think about covering them with a clear, protective UV spray but might do that this fall if it continues to look like it’s getting washed out. (again, they were cheap so I’m not that worried) If you’re concerned about damage, can you make a copy of a favorite print or painting and use it as the outside one? Just a thought.

The sun does quite the number on images over time, but if it is kept in indirect sunlight and has been sealed with frog juice (product name). It will last longer. It is important that the substrate you use is sealed on the edges. I would also seal the back as well. You might consider storing it in the winter, too. You could use the same technology as billboard graphic artists use. I would take a high quality picture of the image, have it printed to a non-acid canvas or similar material. I would use MDF for the substrate and prime it before affixing the canvas.

What a great idea Rachelle – billboard technology….exactly! (BTW — how many other Rachelles or Rochelles do you know? — you are one of very few for me)

Megan – I am super interested in seeing your garden art – it sounds very cool. Send a picture?

Hi Rochelle, love this image you’ve posted in the garden. Really cool! I don’t have any images in the card itself, but hang stuff in my open porch like a tile from Greece, an embroidery piece I found at tag sale, and a big pic from NO that’s framed with class… it’s all actually fine. I put it in storage in the winter.

Actually, I have come across quite a few other Rochelles and even some Rachelles. And over the too many years have had several people I have met decide they really liked my name and appropriated it for their often soon-to-be-born daughters, starting back about 35 years ago, at least four that I can remember. But I had only met one other until I was about 24.

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