A Leafy Photoshoot & a Killer Bag.

January 16, 2012 | Landscape Photography

Last week, in preparation for the next issue of Leaf Magazine, I worked a little photo shoot with Roanne Robbins (as the floral creator) and Lisa Aciukewicz (as photographer).  I thought it would be fun to share a few behind the scenes shots with you….as well as tell you about my newest toy!

Here is the behind the scenes stuff….

Leaf Magazine Photo Shoot

yep — that picture was a last minute addition after the ‘too blank’ background wall just wasn’t going to do it for us….I tore it off my own dining room wall and dashed (with fingers crossed for it to work) back to the shoot.  Turned out to be perfect!

Styling the shoot with dried garlic in the window.

But here is the part I really want to tell you about….I got to use one of my very favorite christmas presents for the first time.  My sweet husband dutifully followed along with my very explicit pinterest board that documented exactly what I wanted for christmas, and gave me this pretty yellow new girlie camera bag from Jo Totes.   It’s all set up inside to be a very good camera bag and it’s as good as it looks.  I got lots of ohhs and ahhs when I walked in with it, and I would happily recommend it to you.  (and it’s only $109!!)

jo totes betsy bag in mustard

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