Snippets: Flora at Tower Hill (And I’ll be Speaking)

Posted by Rochelle
February 7, 2015 | Snippets Cutting Garden

M Science Project 2015-12

Do you have plans this weekend?
Why not take a hike outside and gather the makings of beautiful floral arrangement?
If you were able to look out my window (at many feet of snow – and with a couple more on the way) – you’d think I was ludicrous for making this suggestion.
But if I can come up with some beautiful garden elements in this weather, I am sure you can too.

My arrangement is part of an event called Flora that is on this weekend at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden – if you just can’t take all the white-ness and need a dose of spring it is worth a visit.
Also – if you are around, I will be speaking and signing books at noon tomorrow (Sunday 2/7) – so come by Tower Hill tomorrow, check out the flowers and hang out for a chat about garden style with me.

M Science Project 2015-5 M Science Project 2015-6

Here is a quick rundown of what came from my garden and what didn’t.

From the garden:

  • Birch branches
  • Chamaecyparis (harvest by digging through more than 3 feet of snow)
  • Boxwood
  • Pieris (2 different varieties)
  • Dried Hydrangea Flowers

From the market :

  • Purple carnations
  • Big Red St Johns Wort
  • Golden Rod (which actually grows profusely in my garden – just not at this time of year)


M Science Project 2015-20

M Science Project 2015-23


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