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February 12, 2015

ole2015_logo72lgI am headed to the airport shortly to hop a plane to Seattle. I haven’t been to Seattle since a couple of weeks before I was married. I remember three things about that trip: 1. We dropped the transmission of our car on one of the most remote of the San Juan Islands and had to be rescued by the car rental company. 2. That is where I was when Princess Diana died – I first read it on the front page of a newspaper someone was reading at the next table while we had breakfast. (You never forget those types of things).And 3. Seattle and the surrounding areas is beautiful and if it is anything like it was so many years ago – I could totally live there.  I can’t wait to see all that green!

I’m going to be speaking this weekend at the Northeast Flower Show. It is show season and time to get inspired.

I, for one, need a good cure for the white blindness that has overtaken me. I need to be convinced that miraculously all this white stuff will actually fade away.  At New England Grows (another industry event that was held last week) a nurseryman friend told me their pickup area would be open in 4 weeks and we would be beginning to plant.  I snorted at him….I am unfailingly sure he was being totally ridiculous. 😉

The truth is, there is nothing better than these late winter and early spring events to break out of our winter shells and start planning and getting excited for the coming season.  Inspiring events are taking place all over the country. If you are near Detroit or Chicago you should check in to the Outdoor Living Extravaganzas that Proven Winners are putting on in March and May (respectively).   P.Allen Smith is joining a collection of other great speakers in Detroit and Jamie Durie is the main event in May.  There will be lots of inspiration, plants and opportunities to chat with other gardeners.   It is a perfect reason to dig yourself out from the snow!

Check out the full line up that will be speaking and book a ticket before they sell out!.

images: Proven Winners. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Proven Winners.  I am not an employee of Proven Winners and all opinions are my own. See the other posts in this series


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