12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

December 6, 2016 | Florals
12 garden inspired wreaths that you can make

holiday wreath by @teapealala via www.pithandvigor.comWreaths are such ubiquitous holiday decorations, I find that most years I want to rebel against the traditional cliché of it all and just hang nothing…but then, inevitably,  I see beautiful creations like these and suddenly I’m trying to find billy buttons in the middle December. (I actually just one-clicked seeds for next year here: 20 BILLY BUTTONS / WOLLYHEADS Craspedia Globosa Flower Seeds) I’m such an impulse-seed-purchasing sucker.

Here are eleven others beautiful wreaths that I found on instagram that are seducing me into getting a little crafty.

Holiday Wreath Inspiration From the Garden

12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

I am not sure this one could get better – unless you removed the bow.  The thistle, seed pods and grasses are so pretty on their own, I hardly think the bow is needed.   Image: @juna_alinea
12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

If you like one wreath, why not more, or four?  This collection is so pretty because even though the shape and style is different the materials are pretty much the same.

Plus triangle wreaths made with a few sticks and corsage of leaves is super simple and tremendously chic.

by @atwatervillagefm

12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

I had to do a double take on this one – those aren’t flowers – they are cotton heads.   By @wisteria_atelier

12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

Simple symmetry makes these green wreaths special.  I wonder if hanging multiple wreaths all together is a bit of a holiday trend?  by: @amandaforreststyle12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

This sweet and simple wreath is by @mossandvineeventdesign .12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

Combine silver blue succulents (echeverias), baby’s breath (gypsophilia), air plants (tillandsia) and a variety of silvery green foliage for this luxurious wreath.  By @finchlinden 12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

Two are better than one for sure.  I think this would be beautiful on a front door.  Plus I am inspired by how much pine cone butts looks like flowers.  By @flowersbynicoleuk12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

Is it fake, or a filter, or do hydrangea somehow get silvery?  I am not sure… and the description isn’t in a readable language.  If you have ideas about how to recreate this one – do share!  Plus – I think the newsprint backdrop is actually part of the design.  So creative!  By @nicholas.flower12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Copy

Ok, so this might have extended beyond the limits of my crafting ability.  It is by @wreathsbyemmaruth and it features handmade felt flowers.  It is for sale.  wreath by @hermeticaflowers viawww.pithandvigor.com

This one, by@hermeticaflowers, is such an amazingly wild and beautiful mess — I would happily hang it any time of the year.  Ferns are a clever unexpected ingredient that I need to experiment with.

holiay wreath by @twigandtwine via www.pithandvigor.com

Okra pods, as seen here in this creation by @twigandtwine, are old favorites of mine (IMHO they are much better dried than they are on my dinner plate) and I love growing these hearty plants.  Except for woodchucks, they are kinda indestructible and have such amazing hibiscus flowers in the summer.

I am wondering though, can we really call this a wreath? I argue yes, it makes a full circle and besides that, I can get pretty excited about re-inventing the traditional.

Does anyone know what the spiky stuff on the left is?

Images from the instagram accounts of @teapealala, @hermeticaflowers@twigandtwine


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Pretty awesome, creative and wonderful works of art. I love all of them, but especially the wild-looking one. It looks so alive and happy. Great post !!

I think the spiky stuff on the left is s bundle if larch twigs. Could also be the stems left when all the dates have fallen off the palm…

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