18 Classy Gift Ideas for the Garden Lover (she’ll actually like them!)

December 1, 2021

Gift ideas and gift guide for gardeners and garden lovers

I zig when everyone else is zagging.

I can’t help it. It is part liability, part superpower. (every wonder-woman/ mom has a fatal flaw, and this is mine… and also cookie dough is my kryptonite).

I could not bring myself to be part of the all the shopping chaos that was last week.

So, now that we are past the 500 emails a minute Black Friday, Small Saturday, Stupid Sunday, mind-numbing Monday…

and you have probably already done at least half of your Christmas shopping…..

And all the bloggers have had their holiday gift guides out for weeks…

I am finally offering up my thoughts on holiday gifting ideas.

Is it too late? Well, I hope not. But also us zig-ers don’t care.

These are some of my favorite things – timeless gift ideas for the garden lover in your life – ideas for the moms, wives, sisters, and even the odd fellow who loves to potter and plant and really digs nice design. (I hope this is the classiest gardener gift guide you can find – I can assure you that it wasn’t rushed for the sake of being ‘on time’)

I enjoyed pulling this garden lover gift list together (it is really just a list of things I want or already have and love). So if you end up finding this post years from now, I hope you will find some enduring gems to inspire you long after Christmas 2021.

Here are some gift Ideas for the garden lover :

  1. Bean Boots ($115 – $250)- I am on my third pair in life – and I’m 48 years old. (what does that tell you?) I actually wore a pair out in my 20’s (which is hard to do), then I lost a pair in a move. And then there are my current pair. I can’t recommend them enough for timeless garden footwear.
  2. Brass Candle Holder ($53) – I don’t know why every candle holder doesn’t come with a built in bowl to catch the mess. I’d happily take 4, or 6, but at least a couple.
  3. Leather Gardening Gloves ($23)- I’m not sure why leather gloves even come in that yellow orange color? When they get wet, they stain your hands. It’s a major design flaw that simply confuses me (why yellow? what is the point?). The white ones are not only extra soft and comfortable and every bit as protective, but your hands stay normal flesh colored.
  4. Korean Planters ($44)- I’ve only just discovered the charm of Korean ceramic plant pots. I love how they all have bright, but earthy colors and feature lots of retro-rustic chunky flowers. They’re perfect for succulents and bonsai and anything else you might grow in a cute pot. I’m even pondering a new collection…
  5. Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter ($89)- Since my husband doesn’t read this site, I can tell you that one of these is already on the way to my house. It was invented by a 13 year old girl in New Zealand after she watched her mother suffer a hand injury while splitting wood with a hatchet. 😬 This household is accident prone – it can’t arrive soon enough.
  6. Marimekko Apron ($49)- The ketunmarka pattern features birds and foxes in the garden and is a sweet holiday-inspired baking and decorating necessity.
  7. Flower Vase ($89) – This Ania Muses vase reminds me of Frances Palmer’s beautiful earthenware (which I can’t afford). I love the look, but at a much more attainable price.
  8. Plant Tags ($18 for a set of 20)- These are metal and you can write on them with white paint markers. Someday if ever I open my garden to visitors, these could help me avoid that dreaded brain fart. Where someone asks me about a plant and I panic and can’t remember the name. And also, maybe I’d prevent myself from accidentally digging up intended plants?
  9. Thermo-pot ($32)- I love eating outdoors – even in the winter. Plus the spoon (which is inspired by Chinese soup spoons that are so good for sipping) is magnetized – so it sticks to the pot.
  10. Weathered Steel Chiminea ($498)- Years ago I commissioned a friend to build me a similar outdoor fireplace. It’s a beloved centerpiece of my garden. This one is half what it cost to design and build it ourselves. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I had not already done it the hard way.
  11. Desert Stripe Armchair ($265)- The simple striped fabric (made from recycled bottles) and easy to move design is all I ever want in my home and patio furniture.
  12. Demi Moon Candle ($49)- I’m not sure I’d burn it (even though I am in full-on candle season now). New Year is my least favorite holiday. Not because I don’t love the ceremony of new beginnings – but because the timing makes no sense and I hate to stay up late. I get those fresh start feelings with the winter solstice and this moon candle feels like a cool reminder of all the things I said I would do.
  13. Simple Plant Stand ($27-$31 depending on size)- A garden gift for the person who always needs more places to put their plants. 🙋‍♀️ Also – the plants really don’t look great sitting all at floor level. Elevating a few of them will likely help them get better light.
  14. Faux Gardenia Stem ($35)- I’m 90% fresh, but sometimes, in the dead of winter, the last thing I want to see is another brown stem. Green is great, it makes me feel better. When the real stuff isn’t available – these are reliable backups.
  15. Extra Large Insect Hotel ($47)- Am I the only one who imagines how cool it would be to explore one of these if I were a mason bee? It’s like wandering around a midge-y version of the Old Faithful Inn. Think about it, your garden could be like a national park for bugs!
  16. Persian Violet Terrarium ($44)- I’d love to try out some of Bloomify’s zero-maintenance terrariums. I’m also curious about their pre-mounted orchids. They guarantee these live plants will live maintenance free for at least 6 months and most for more than a year in their self assembled terrariums. If you are ordering in the winter, they even ship with heat packs to protect the plants from cold.
  17. Red Wool Socks ($19)- It is hard to find nice wool socks that actually fit in your shoes. (I like the fluffy ones, but sometimes we actually need to leave the house). These seem festive and easy to find the matches for and I enjoy a colorful ankle flash.
  18. Two- Tier Plant box ($299) – I know we already talked about needing more plant perches. But I’m personally in desperate and constant need of more (it’s a problem). This is a great mix of functional furniture and work table. Since it comes in a variety of colors, it will look great just about anywhere.

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