Heavenly Scented Candles

June 10, 2016

I discovered something wonderful recently.

I have long been a lover of essential oils… the right scent can really energize me. I picked up on these little bottles of oil in a yoga class years ago when the woman next to me was putting little  dribbles around the corners of her mat and she offered some up to me.  Of course, I’ll try anything to make my indulgence even more indulgent. It was heavenly.

essential oil candels by rochelle greayer

My new wonderful thing is that I had an idea to start putting drops of these oils into the wax puddles of my candles. (I know probably 50 million other people have already done this – but I refuse to google and burst my own bubble – I am too busy thinking I am a genius).  They smell so good – even better than what I can buy at high end candle stores (and cheaper).  And after it burns down I can switch it up with a new scent.  Genius (yes, I am).  essential oil candels by rochelle greayer

My favorites for the garden are citronella (of course) and geranium.  I discovered geranium at the market when I was buying the citronella…the woman helping me told me that she uses it to keep bugs at bay (dabbing a little on her skin when she goes hiking in the woods).   The geranium oil smells good even when the candles aren’t burning… I was catching whiffs of it as I watered my containers this morning. Breathe… Ahh….

essential oil candels by rochelle greayer

These are my smells for the summer… what are yours?

I am now on the hunt for my fall and winter seasonal oils.  I’d love some recommendations for more essential oils.  I’m a fan of pomander and fig and spicy tree things – tell me what you know!

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images by Rochelle Greayer

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