Ester & Erik Candles

January 26, 2011

As the snow starts to fall (again) I just lit a fire and am wishing that I had a few more candles to light.  Candles seem most appropriate to me at two times….in the dead of winter (like now) and in the evening warmth of summer garden meals.  Am I right?

ester and erik candles

As I am wishing for more candles to light, I thought I would share with you the beautiful color range of Danish candle makers  Ester and Erik.  They come in over 70 different shades and their signature is the cone shaped 100% paraffin drip-less candle that requires no holder. They have also mastered the application of  finishes like pearl and matte black so you can create a striking setting.

ester and erik candle color range

ester and erik candles

ester and erik candles

To buy them in the US you can contact North American Connexions or if you are in Canada you can buy them through Nicole & Company.

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  1. Jacki Blanchfield says:

    Just thought you might like to know that if you’re in the UK you can buy Ester & Erik’s candles from Barbed, in London, 3 Liffords Place, Barnes, SW13 9LR,

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