50 Natives: South Dakota: Artemisia dracunculus

June 16, 2010 | 50 Natives, Edibles

tarragon in a pot

image by ZarahMaria

Tarragon is one of my most favorite herbs.  I had never tasted it before I went to college, but I soon discovered a little treat for myself – takeout, from a place called Elda’s that offered tarragon chicken with a side of broccoli that was cooked with garlic.   I have never been able to re-create the heaven that was, but hope to try, now that I have planted tarragon in my herb garden.

Such an exotic flavor, I would hardly guess that it was a native plant, but sure enough, you can find the Artemisia dracunculus wild in most western states (including South Dakota).

Artemisia dracunculus tarragon

1. Tarragon, 2. Dragoncello

The plant itself, like many herbs, is not terribly showy for landscape purposes but because it has nice foliage, it can easily be tucked into a container plant group or with others in a perennial bed and will act a green textural fill.

tarragon egg salad from gastromyblog

Tarragon is one of the four fines herbes of French cooking, and particularly suitable for chicken, lasagna, fish and egg dishes.  Besides my beloved Chicken Tarragon, I am interested to try it in this beautiful recipe for tarragon egg salad that I found over at Gastronomy blog.

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I LOVE tarragon. I had never tasted it until I grew it in my own garden, now I cook with it constantly. Almost everything is better with a little tarragon!

you make me hungry, it’s lunch time !! yum.

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