Weekend Things

Pike's Peak From the Garden of the Gods, ca. 1880

Happy Weekend Friends!   These links (and what they contain on the other side) have been inspiring me or on my mind all week.   I am curious if they will infect you in the same way…..

Enjoy the the next couple days! — R

image of George Eastman House in The Garden of the Gods – Pikes Peak in the background – (my parents have been visiting all week — it makes me think of this place)  from flickr under creative commons.


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Strawberry Spritz – A Seasonal Strawberry Cocktail Recipe

Strawberry Spritz – A Seasonal Strawberry Cocktail Recipe

I’d like to introduce you to Joy Flanagan.  She’s the best bartender (and it’s not just me saying that) at one of my favorite local bars.  Armsby Abbey, in Worcester, MA serves a steady stream of original and interesting dishes made with seasonal local ingredients that are always great — and the ever-changing cocktail menu…

Daily Garden: Joshua Tree Stock Tank Pool Garden

After viewing these pictures, I have a whole clutch of new obsessions. Stock Tank Pools, retro reused fireplaces outside,  rock pile gardens, bigBANG blog, and dune buggies.  Help me!  Joshua tree and the desert couldn’t be more different than where I cultivate, making my lust all the greater. The inspiration here is endless, are you…

Mystery Solved: Pokeweed

image by beautifulcataya I am so excited that with a visit to one of my regular reads, I solved a little mystery.  I have these plants growing behind my vegetable garden and on my aging compost heap that were  previously unknown to me.  They are so huge and happy seeming, and they are the on…

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