Summer Pollen Color Chart

February 11, 2012

Is it me or is this one of the best color inspirations you have ever seen?  I am not sure though… is it pure inspiration or are these the actual colors of the pollen from these plants??

garden pollen color chart

from The Pollen Loads of the Honeybees by Dorothy Hodges, 1952  – found via leif blog

We are off this morning to see some puppies (we are thinking to jump into dog ownership) — I grew up with dogs, but I have to admit some sticker shock as we wade into this process.   I’m so surprised by the cost of the puppies we will see today that I can’t even say the words out loud — let alone type them here…..but with all my research, I am beginning to think that I am like the grandma who remembers when gas used to cost 10 cents a gallon.  Tell me — what would you pay for a puppy?

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  1. You don’t look at puppies, Rochelle! They look at you. Then you pick one out and bring it home. Try a shelter. Lots of dogs looking for homes.

  2. But even the shelter dogs are over $400 around here!?! Not the ~$50 price tag (that included spaying and neutering) that I remember from the last time I got a dog.

  3. Color is very inspiring, I guess that’s why we love flowers.
    I wouldn’t pay anything for a puppy or a cat. There are too many in need of adoption at the local shelters. That’s where we picked up the most adorable and smart kittens who joined out family.

  4. WOW! That’s really high for a rescue dog. Will await pictures of your new pooch. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a few months without a dog since I was 26.

  5. You can wait until Bella has her puppies this summer! At least then we would be assured of being related, in case Jack and Meredith don’t work out.

  6. We love Bella — but her bird-icidal maniac tendencies are more than I can deal with….have already had to contend with a coop full of carcasses at the paws of a couple wandering labs….not going anywhere near that again…..we will just have to keep working on Jack and Meredith. 😉

  7. Oh, alright. She does drool over your chickens. But you need a good outdoor, swimming, hiking dog, What kind are you looking at?

  8. If the puppies don’t stare us into submission….I have confirmed that shelter dogs can be had with a drive to NH for $200.

  9. E says:


  10. jen g says:

    Love these colors! 95 and 96 are my favorites!

  11. S@sha says:

    Interesting, I’ve never really thought about the range of pollen colors. I mostly notice it when it’s bright yellow and staining the tablecloth or something. I wouldn’t pay anything for a puppy either. My dogs all come from the pound or rescue shelters. You can find any type of dog at a shelter, and lots of rescue groups specialize in specific breeds. You can also find any age dog at a shelter, even little puppies.

  12. First, I love the color charts. Very cool color inspiration.

    To the puppy question, I would never pay for a puppy when there are so many that need rescue. I would look for one that resembles the breed I like, and then be really grateful if it is a mix, because it seems to me they have better temperament and less medical problems if not purebred.

  13. Please do try a shelter first. If your children are still pretty young, consider trying to find a friendly young adult dog who is housebroken (or at least won’t cry at night). Puppies are babies; they are very vulnerable and need a lot of attention and time (I swear I returned to postpartum depression for a while when we got ours 12 years ago). But, congrats, a dog’s devotion is a lovely thing.

  14. donna says:

    Definitely try And consider an older dog — they have more trouble getting adopted and usually have already been spayed/neutered so you aren’t paying that cost. Rescue organizations are a good source, too.

  15. joann land says:

    I would never buy a puppy unless it was from a rescue to cover spay/neuter cost and shots.
    Don’t do it…please…love your blog.

  16. joann land says:

    Also My sister and her partner have a rescue in Atlanta called Bliss Animal Haven….
    There fees are around 150.00 and that covers spay/neuter and shots…they could probably recommend one in your area…good luck..

  17. Susan Stewart Greayer says:

    Anxiously awaiting further info on the puppy!

  18. Yes, those colors are very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

  19. plantingoaks says:

    I’ve never been in the market for a puppy – I’m all about used dogs. Let someone else take care of the teething and housetraining and adolescent hyperactivity? Why yes, thank you.

    So, bearing in mind that puppies tend to be much more expensive, and that I don’t live in an expensive area, around here I’d expect around $200 from a shelter for an adult dog that was already spayed/neutered and up-to-date on shots (I think one of the shelters around here is actually under $100). For a rescue that has the animal in a foster home and knows a bit more about the personality, and can help you find a specific breed maybe $400 or so.

    There’s a lot of supply and demand involved, and if you want a particular breed (small dogs tend to be more expensive than large dogs, for one) they can definitely be more, but I wouldn’t think over $800, even for a small breed puppy (of course, there will be a long wait for those from a rescue).

    Yeah, people sell puppies out of their garage for less, but I don’t really want to support that kind of thing. Same deal with petstores, and I’ve no familiarity at all with swanky show breeders, because I’ve never really needed/wanted to get one.

    Finally, bright blue and green pollen? Really? Awesome!

  20. plantingoaks says:

    Oh, and you didn’t ask, but I consider it rather ridiculous to pay for (or shop for) a cat. Those just show up, and sometimes you agree to take them. But around here cats run feral and have kittens in the neighbor’s camper/garage/chicken coop, while dogs all belong to someone.

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