Daily Garden 041 – James Doyle Design – Greenwich, CT

Visiting the portfolio of James Doyle Design is like watching the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous…or if you don’t remember that show…then Cribs.  Just without the people.   I am thoroughly impressed by the obvious good fortune that this firm has had to work on such beautiful stately homes.   Most of his works seems to be much more traditional, but I chose this more modern design because I really like the front walkway.  To me this is a landscape that makes a potentially overly plain modern structure exciting and livable.  Cutting across the front of the property with an oversized herringbone paver pattern is really genius.

James Doyle Design Daily Garden modern ct

James’ Portfolio is a visual feast and well worth checking out further.  This double sided garden fireplace caught my eye as well as the garden below with the boxwood edging planted arches and modern sculpture.

double sided garden fireplace james doyle design greenwich ct

james doyle design boxwood edging garden modern sculpture

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  1. I had the opportunity last summer via the APLD annual design conference to hear James talk about his work and to visit two of his gardens with him as a tour guide. Wonderful experience. I called his office this spring to ask if he would share a nursery source with me. He very graciously did. Thanks for showcasing his work.

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