Before & After: Nan’s Striking Pond Makeover

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Over the past few years I’ve become rather attached to the idea of constructing a pond in my backyard which, of course, means that I’ve spent hours looking at photos of ponds online. I’ve seen some pretty impressive digs during my internet pond stalking ventures, but this one has to be in my top 5. Nan and her husband built this pond on their 2 acre plot about 7 years ago, but over the years it had become a forgotten basin perimetered by not much more than dead grass and piled rocks. A few perennials here and there, but  basically it had turned into not much more than a weeping area off to the side of the yard.

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Nan’s husband was away for the summer and she decided to surprise him with a backyard makeover. She put a lot of work into bringing her pond back to life which is evident by the gorgeous after photo. She tidied the berm which supports the waterfall in the background and added a variety of new plants.  Nan mulched and edged like crazy around the new area and fixed the rocks that originally piled around the border. I think she did a pretty impressive job, don’t you? There are more photos of the project over on her blog if you’ve got a few spare minutes; definitely worth checking out. Nice work, Nan! -erin

If you have a great garden related makeover project that you would like to share with Studio ‘g’ readers please send us pictures and tell us about it.
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