Garden Gallery: An Oregon Coast Garden

This Oregon coast garden created by Mosaic Gardens is full of beautiful ideas.  There is nothing typical about this design.  Catching my eye are the over-sized arbor over the ‘L’ shaped bench.  Typically you might see a narrower arbour over a single bench.

oregon coast garden by mosaic gardens

The planting is striking and bold, combining well known plants but in slightly lesser favored varieties.  (like the yellow Kniphofia and the fresh green Japanese maple, as opposed to the typical red)

oregon coast garden by mosaic gardens

The Andy Goldsworthy-esque stone sculpture in the gravel courtyard is also a strikingly simple  feature.

oregon coast garden by mosaic gardens

As is the Birch tunnel.

oregon coast garden by mosaic gardens

And the elegant bowl in the circle patio. And the use of purple leaved plants through out to give a unifying style.  So many things to admire…what is your favorite?

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One Response to Garden Gallery: An Oregon Coast Garden

  1. They are all my favorite. Gardening is one of many reasons I loved living in the Northwest for 10 years.

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