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Before & After: A Backyard Makeover in Oregon

before & after, path, backyard, garden, landscapeI saw this post and it reminded me how much faster projects go when you have an entire group of people helping vs. being alone or maybe having help from just one person. Jami over at An Oregon Cottage posted these before & after shots and it made me realize that I need to do this with my friends next year when I start digging our pond. 


Jami and her family have been devoting their Saturdays to “work days” where they tackle huge projects together. They rotate houses each Saturday and it sounds like a lot of fun! There were 9 people helping with this particular project over at her sister’s house, and they did the entire thing in just 3 hours! That’s pretty impressive. Wouldn’t it be fun to wrangle 6 or 7 friends for your next big outdoor project? Painting the exterior of the house would be a good project for a group…or maybe building and staining a deck or laying a path. Of course, your friends have to be somewhat detail oriented depending on what kind of project you choose, but I think it’s a pretty cool concept. I’ve heard of people doing it before but seeing the actual results along with the number of people and amount of time really puts it in perspective. Nice work, Jami! -erin

Images from: An Oregon Cottage.


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring our family garden makeover! It really was fun to do and as a group we’ve accomplished a lot of projects, including painting our houses as you suggest. It’s a great way to check big to-do’s off the list!

  2. I love it when you show before and after pictures; they are always so full of great ideas.

  3. Nice work. I love to see before and after pics

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