Bio-Hacking with Ellen Jorgensen

November 3, 2013

I am undeniably intrigued by just about everything that Ellen Jorgensen says in this video.   I want to be a bio hacker.  I passed O-CHeM back in the day, so I think I can run an experiment or two.

Right about minute 7:30…when she talks about the bio hacker who determined (definitively and with science) which neighborhood dog was pooing on his front walk …I started thinking of all the mad scientist things I could do.

So far these are my ideas:

  • I want to test my honey and cross reference it with allergens so I can know exactly what my bees and their output will cure you for (there is actually a lab somewhere who will test for what allergens a particular honey will expose you to, and overtime (through natural immunotherapy) cure for you –  but I have misplaced the link – If someone know it I’d love to find it again).
  • I also want to know if the pesticides from the orchard next door are making their way into my honey and at what level. Maybe I could compare it over time with different hive locations to see if I can minimize their exposure by using some natural barriers.
  • I also have suspicions about so many bottles of olive oil that I buy — I want to use the DNA barcoding test and know which has real live olives in it. Maybe there is a way to develop a simple litmus type test for this?  I hate being lied to by product manufacturers and I always want to know what is in my food. Maybe I could also do a test to figure out which olive make my favorite olive oil?

I feel like I am just on the tip of the iceberg of possibilities.   What would you like to figure out if you had the training and access to use a bio-lab?




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  1. Rachelle says:

    Truth in packaging for sure; is that really pomegranate, raspberry, 100% cranberry juice, etc. Tissue culture plants, definitely the doggie poo DNA test, develop a litmus test to see if male dogs are raising their legs on my garden produce, whether the known local grown produce contains anything different genetically than some suspect stuff passed off as local. Tests of the water in my well at different times of the year, like after the large commercial farmers have the planes spraying for bugs nearby and then a week later we have torrential rains. The data available for collection for small local areas could be mind boggling and could support which areas are really healthy places to live.

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